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Keltuzad 10-09-2009 03:56 PM

#Error loading design
Hi @ all,

Im working with the student version of Modelsim, I have dowloaded the latest version (6.5b) and the licence and copied it to the root folder(C:\dev\Modeltech_pe_edu_6.5b).

Now to the problem:

Im using "vsim -voptargs=+acc work.tdm_bert_tb" as my run command.
My only error report is:
#Error loading design

Due to the limited content of the error msg I have difficulties finding a solution.

What have I already done:
I have reinstalled Modelsim + licence with Administrator rights, tried running it with different -commands e.g. vsim -optargs work.tdm_bert_tb, vsim work.tdm_bert_tb (none).
I only recieve the above mentoinened error.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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