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Badger 09-17-2009 08:31 AM

Re: Initializing a new HD???

"Sarah Austin" <> wrote in message
news:Xns9C7D2BF240CDSntzldfrdSntzldfrdco@216.196.9 7.142...
Am I losing my marbles? ( dont answer that :)

I havent done this in so many years...

I dug around per your suggestions here and found another EIDE plug tray
for the front of my old PC, and a 40gb WD400BB in a drawer, still sealed
in the static bag.

So cool, I can use it to backup my data before getting the newer computer.

So I mounted it in the tray, plugged it in, turned on the power key,
booted the PC again and went into bios setup. Fine, it shows up as the
slave on the primary IDE channel. Cool.

Then I start XP and it's not showing up there.

Needs formatting? Initialization? Something like that?

So I go to WD's site and look to see if they have a little utility I can
DL for that. Nope.

Am I losing my brain? :)

You have to create a partition on the new drive so as to allocate a drive
letter to it.
Do this by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative
Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management.
You should see in the right hand pane a list of all your hard drives. One of
them will show as unallocated. Use Tools to create a partition and Windows
will allocate a drive letter to it. You can then use your new drive.

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