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Vista Home Premium & XP SP3 Adhoc Network Issue

Laptop has Built in Wifi ( Windows Vista Home Premium ) Intel
Computer has connected through Wireless USB device. TP-Link TL-WN821N
( Windows Xp SP3 )

both connected to a wireless router internet works fine..

am trying to connect both laptop and computer through Adhoc network to
share files but..................

I cant see any shared files/folders/drives on network but I can see
adhoc network connected, if I assign both xp and vista ip address like doesn't work , then i tried vice versa as well,
also tried on XP and Vista side only but changing ip address to static
dynamic not making any difference. Both has the same work-group name.

Please guide me step by step how to setup adhoc network to shares
files in between these two computers wireless. I read through loads of
forum and set-up network accordingly but still no success yet? please


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