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gnu / linux 08-11-2009 02:36 AM

Re: Automatic Updates
On Aug 9, 12:30 pm, "James D. Andrews" <> wrote:
> My Automatic Updates are not working.
> I have mine set for Notification so that I can pick and choose what to
> install.
> Some time back, this wouldn't install, then later another thing wouldn't,
> and it progressed until now nothing does.
> I went on MS Update troubleshooting and followed its limited help - I used
> the command prompt to register the wups2.dll file.
> This didn't work.
> Because MS said the problem centered around the loading of SP3 and the
> registering of the wups2.dll file, and since manually registering the file
> didn't work, I tried removing SP3 to see what would happen.
> No change.
> I even tried (and cringed as I did so) doing Express Install allowing
> Automatic Updates to install automatically. Still no luck.
> And yes, I did Restart after each function.
> So now what?
> Any ideas?
> (Leaving MS for other operating systems is not an option at this point)
> Woof

any luck with google ?

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