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Gregor Kofler 08-02-2009 12:57 PM

Re: Textarea question
sheldonlg meinte:
> I have what should be a simple question. On a form with a textarea, how
> do you make it so that the user can start a new paragraph? Hitting
> Enter causes the page to submit. I have searched in Google, but all I
> have found is how to put text in there pro programmatically so that
> there are separate paragraphs. i know it can be done since I have seen
> sites that have it.

I've seen *only* sites that have "it". And there's nothing abou that
"in" Google because that's the default browser behaviour.

> I am including the javascript newsgroup in case it requires js to work.

Don't. Think of the poor chaps with deactivated JS.


-- - vxJS, a JS lib in progress

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