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Jürgen Exner 07-13-2009 04:08 PM

Re: Recommended newsgroup(s) or mailing list
Tim Johnson <> wrote:
>I am a perl novice.
>Have been a programmer for 22 years, but no perl.
>Web programmer for 13 years, currently working mostly
>in *nix environments.
>I would welcome recommendations for other perl newsgroups and mailing
>lists that might fit my circumstances.

The first suggestion would be to pick a newsgroup that is still alive
and has not been rm-grouped over a decade ago.

From "perldoc -q newsgroup":
Some years ago, comp.lang.perl was divided into those groups, and
comp.lang.perl itself officially removed. While that group may still be
found on some news servers, it is unwise to use it, because postings
there will not appear on news servers which honour the official list of
group names. Use comp.lang.perl.misc for topics which do not have a
more-appropriate specific group.


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