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Elliott 07-06-2009 09:57 PM

Thunderbird complete restore - help needed
I had my drive "explode" on me. I managed to get much of my data back. What I thought was my profile (and data) I restored to the application data folder. However, that has only given me the 3 accounts that I have Thunderbird linking to. It hasn't given me back any of my local folders or my address book.

I've managed to find (in the "Lostfile" section that EasyRecovery got back for me) a couiple of msf files and they relate to folder names. But I'm still left floundering trying to identify any of the recovered datafiles, and how to get Thunderbird to allow me to "stitch" them back into my profile.

I'd be grateful (buy you a couple of beers if close enough :-) ) for any help/guidance anybody can offer.



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