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Jack Spratt 06-25-2009 07:48 AM

I've flirted with it a few times through work and I'm yet to be convinced.
Am interested to know what other developers think.

A manager at work is keen on it through past experience but from a
development POV (rather than user) I find it awkward, templated and
I can see how a normal user might like it to set up a quick and dirty site
with a list of documents, announcements and events but the whole web parts
and interface leaves me unsatisfied.
Is it's usage growing out there?

Admittedly most of my use has been around WSS and not much MOSS and I hear
that MOSS can do great things with MS Office interoperability but.... coming
from a background of data driven sites (.NET and SQL) I find trying to set
something intelligent up to be long winded.

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