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Ian 06-18-2009 08:13 AM

Enermax Phoenix Neo Aluminum Case
Techware Labs have a new review of the Enermax Phoenix Neo Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case, designed to keep your components cool and quiet:


I was in the market for a brand new case, I wanted something smaller than the XClio that I reviewed previously yet it needed to keep my components cool while remaining quiet. This niche is a tough one to fill, and without a doubt, a lot of companies are trying to fill it. Enermax came up with something they think can fill this niche; the Enermax Phoenix Neo. A mid tower with a large distinguishing feature… a 250mm monster fan mounted on the side this promised to be quiet and push quite a bit of air through the case which should in theory provide a chilly environment for my components. I will take a look below and see if it does what it promises.
Read more here.

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