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Edwin Dankert 05-25-2009 07:50 PM

[ANN] XNGR XML Browser 2.0 beta-1 Released
I am very pleased (after more than 5 years) to announce the
availability of the XNGR XML Browser 2.0 beta-1.

The XNGR XML Browser is an XML browser framework, written in Java,
that provides the functionality to associate Markers, Services and
Actions with directories, files, XML documents, and nodes in an XML
document. Default services include a simple XML Editor and XML Viewer.

CHANGES: The desktop functionality has been removed and the management
of services is now performed by the OSGI framework. The project no
longer uses dom4j. The API has been fully reworked, which involved
major changes to the Service and Action interfaces and the inclusion
of Marker interfaces The Explorer has been updated, there is no need
to add or remove documents any more; the Explorer now simply browses
the file-system instead.

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