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Dudley Hanks 04-16-2009 02:42 AM

Re: Nikon D90 no light meter in LV

<> wrote in message
> On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 00:56:58 +0100, "Focus" <> wrote:
>>I'm typing this very slow, so everyone can understand ;-)
>>I just noticed, that in Live view the shutterspeed is showed from the
>>LV is activated and then it freezes. But it doesn't change when you turn
>>camera to lighter or darker scenes! Not even when you change from spot to
>>to matrix.

> Probably because the shutter speed in live view is "open"... will have to
> try it
> myself...
>>The only way to tell the shutterspeed, is after you take the shot.
>>So what good is that?
>>I just guessed at least the top LCD is showing the correct values, but
>>is frozen too. After you take a shot, it's updated with the new value of
>>your shot.
>>Do you see the same?
>>Do I have a faulty sample or did this one really get passed the Nikon
>>inspector, because they were so excited about video?
>>If the last is the case, how did this get passed so many reviewers? I'm
>>really starting to question a lot of peoples competence.
>>If the D5000 has the same problem, it would be a deal breaker for me. A
>>smaller OVF wouldn't be a problem if you could use live view with a meter
>>indication. Without it, it would mean that you'd always have to check your
>>OVF before you can shoot in live view. Together with the 2 second delay
>>the AF, that would be not interesting, to say the least...


I'm not sure how Nikon does the Live View thing, but the XSi implementation
of it is really quite awkward. I can't imagine a fully sighted photographer
using that mode, unless they had to put it on a really weird stationary
mounted configuration.

For one thing, if you think there's a lot of shutter lag in a
point-and-shoot, you ain't seen nothin' till you try shooting the XSi in
Live View mode. I've caught a tennis ball in mid-air with my A720, but i
wouldn't even get the kids playing, let alone the ball in flight, using the
Live View route.

Still, for me, it opens up a lot of dors, and it works quite well for
portraits, and other fairly motion-limited situations..

Take Care,

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