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Paul 04-06-2009 05:02 AM

Re: XP- can't fine system restore
j wrote:
> I bought a used laptop that has the Windows XP Awesome Edition operating
> system. I cannot find where to do a system restore. I looked under
> accessories/system tools but it's not there. Does anyone have knowledge of
> this?

This site has a bit of information.

In a command window, you can try this.


"System Restore" is used to return things to a
state captured on some previous day (as shown
in the calendar, in that dialog).

I don't think that is what you're after though.
You'd still have the Awesome Edition if you
used that feature, just a snapshot from
a few days back, if any restore points were
actually captured.

Another possibility, is you're referring to the hidden partition
present on some pre-built computers. The hidden partition
has a "recovery" copy of Windows, which overwrites the C:
drive. You use that, to return the computer to the factory
state. The user manual for the laptop may recommend the
owner burn a copy of the recovery partition, to a CD or
DVD. But the software on the laptop, that makes that
copy, may only allow one copy to be made. (You can always
make copies of the burned disk, outside of that program.)
Alternately, a computer may come with a recovery CD/DVD
in the box, saving the step of burning a copy.

So maybe you're referring to the ability to restore
C: to the factory state, using the software that
came with the laptop ? Either in the hidden partition,
or via a CD or DVD with the factory software on it.

If the hard drive got replaced, through the life of the
laptop, the person who did the maintenance, may have
neglected to put the hidden partition back on the new
drive. Or, if the recovery CD/DVD was not available, to
help put it back, perhaps someone maintaining the computer,
has lost all copies of the necessary software or partition.
In that case, you can go to the manufacturer, and buy a
recovery CD/DVD. Some of the manufacturers, only offer
that service to customers during the warranty period,
and some number of years after the last machine ships,
they stop offering the media for sale. Presumably,
such media is keyed to the platform, such that it
only works on a restricted set of models. The
recovery CD/DVD is not a normal Windows installer,
and as far as I know, is some kind of image.

Best guess,

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