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~BD~ 04-04-2009 05:39 PM

Re: Today's task, Andrew!
Andrew Taylor wrote:
> "~BD~" <> wrote in message
> news:gqo5bk$3t4$
>> Thank you for spending so much time on my behalf, Andrew.
>> I appreciate it.
>> I really had hoped that, just for once, instead of telling me 'what's,
>> what' you'd simply do as I had asked you. :(
>> You are just too nice, Andrew. It would have been so simple for Omaha to
>> say something like "Yup, I canceled my post so as to cause no further
>> embarrassment to Joe" - or something similar.
>> Make the post - blame it on me if you wish! There was, IMO, no need to ban
>> Jon from making any further posts ..... unless someone has something to
>> hide! Help me with this - just this once please?

> I am sorry but I can't do that. The powers that be, and people a lot
> cleverer than me know who Jon really is.

I could have told "the powers that be" that Jon Botting is a great guy
who once owned a narrowboat and has been to stay with me in Devon with
his partner on a number of occasions. He used to be the road manager for
a group called Depeche Mode ...... but he can't remember much about that
part of his life!

To ban Jon for making his post was, IMO, totally out of order. It did
not, though, surprise me at all. Someone has something they wish to keep
well hidden at Annex, Andrew - but they *will* be found out!

I can't quite remember why I went to recently
and read a number of posts by L.Undercover <>

How bizarre that she should pop up in A/C U2U UK eh? Confused too! Maybe
I could assist her if I were allowed to post again. What chance of being
allowed to do so do you think, Andrew?

Maybe Peter Foldes has more influence. What do *you* think Peter? :)


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