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kryptos80 03-31-2009 04:31 PM

QoS on DS3/Fast ethernet interfaces
Hello everyone,

My first post on here so I hope I appreciate any and all responses to this noob.

I'm working on some QoS policies for some video conferencing. We have a 100 Mb WAN ethernet connection at one site and a 45 Mb DS3 WAN at another. Is there any reason to implement some LLQ or CBWFQ for a video conference between these two sites?

Since you would think that neither site would be fully congested to software queue any packets, i shouldn't implement anything? Granted there's no end-to-end QoS between the sites, they are just using BE Internet. So we are at the mercy of the Internet when the packets leave the networks.

Any info/suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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