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Re: Question for our Asian readers...
On Tue, 24 Mar 2009 17:40:32 -0500, Doug Jacobs <>

>I just got back from Taiwan where I was visiting my wife's extended tree of
>relatives and sightseeing.
>We did a fair amount of shopping, of course, coming across both legit and
>bootleg copies of movies. I noticed there weren't any bootleg blu-ray
>discs at this time. Too expensive to make, and no one's really buying
>blu-ray over there, from what I can tell anyways. Prices of blu-ray
>movies weren't very competitive. About 2 to 3 times the cost of a legit
>DVD, although one store was running a B2G1 sale.
>Anyhoo... If you're living in Asia, does anyone over there even *care*
>about blu-ray? None of my wife's relatives even knew about it, and the few
>people I met who knew what I was talking about didn't care about it
>because they hadn't even moved to HD yet.
>The move to HDTV in Taiwan seems to be non-existant - mainly because there's
>no real need to upgrade. The local cable provider doesn't offer HD channels
>at this time and doesn't feel the need to change. So people aren't buying
>new TVs unless their old CRT has really gone kaputt.
>However, on a 32-36" HDTV, it's really questionable whether upgrading to
>blu-ray is even worth the cost between the new player and discs.

It all comes down to what *you* think looks good enough to *you*.(one)

I see startling differences, and then drab annoyances.

The Princess Bride in BD comes with a regular DVD issue as well in the
case. Via my upscaling player, the regular DVD looked the same or better
(kudos to the upscaler)than the BD did, so the only advantage provided by
the BD title was the soundtrack choice. I think they could have
remastered the video on that one, but it is fairly obvious that all that
was done was the new soundtrack. And I paid fool price too! Then, there
are others that are sweet!

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