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Moritz Beermann 03-19-2009 03:32 PM

Re: assigning a shortcut key to a mouse.
T.J. wrote:
> Is there a way of assigning a shortcut key to
> a mouse so that it replicates the keyboard
> shortcut key?
> i.e.
> A click on a mouse button opens the page
> irrespective of where the cursor is.

You should already be able to do this by just using the Logitech
SetPoint Software that comes with every Logitech mouse.

If you dont have SetPoint installed I can recommend the free software
uberOptions available at

> I currently have a Logitech MX510 mouse
> but don't mind replacing it if I need a new
> one with features to do this.

You dont have to replace your mouse. SetPoint and uberOptions as well
will work with your MX510


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