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hwf 03-17-2009 10:05 PM

Re: PROBLEM: How to reset notebook BIOS??
Jimmy Dean wrote:
> I have an Acer TravelMate 4102WLMi notebook in which I recently had to
> replace the hard-disk. Installed WinXP OK and drivers from the Acer
> website.
> All installed OK except the graphics driver - system seemed to think
> the device was not present. Tried both Intel and ATi drivers, though
> later noted the BIOS shows the version for a separate ATi graphics
> BIOS so it must be ATi.
> Windows supplies a generic graphics driver which while better than
> nothing does not afford full functionality.
> So not being content to leave well enough alone, I went and updated
> the BIOS

Not reccomended for n00bies.

- got the last version listed from the Acer website for
> TravelMate 4100 series.
> Used the WinPhlash util, which verified the compatibility of old and
> new BIOS versions before doing the update.
> However after the update, the PC boots to Windows OK

So the problem is?

- I can hear the
> "Windows Startup" sound, and if I tap the power button once, the
> Windows Shutdown sound - while the HD flashes appropriately.
> But THE DISPLAY IS BLANK. Clearly the PC BIOS is OK but the ATi BIOS
> is not compatible or corrupted etc somehow.

Might be a winblows problem.
Check with a linux live cd to see if you can boot to a commandline or
If its a Micro$ock problem you need to start in Safe Mode and see wtf
video drivers are loaded.

> How to reset the ATi BIOS or get the display back somehow? Have
> Googled this prob with nothing of substantial help.
> Your help appreciated
> jd

Dont **** with the BIOS any further, really.
Try getting Windoze to give you some video joy with drivers updating.


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