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hwf 03-16-2009 11:04 PM

Re: Problem installing NERO v8
J McCardle wrote:
> Hi, I am having a problem installing Nero both from a cd-rom and from
> a downloaded (from nero) file.
> I keep getting a SETUPX.EXE error, it cant handle some UI files what
> ever that means.
> I am running XP SP3, Eset antivirus and firewall on both my computers.
> I tried disabling ESET but no difference. I am sure it is a problem
> with SP3 as I recently upgraded my wife's computer and now neither
> will install and current version of Nero.
> I contacted Nero andtheir support mentioned a file that gathered info
> about my computer. I uploaded this info to Nero, this was about 3
> weeks ago but I have not had any reply.
> I have u/g my >NET to the latest version (3.5) and Java 6.0
> I read that setupx.exe is a compressed file in 7zip format (self
> extracting). I ran the the 7zFM.exe program that has an interface
> somewhat like winrar and extracted the files from setupx.exe but the
> extracted files were .data, .rdata, .rsc, .text and certificate BUT no
> executable com or exe file. Also if I recompressed these them the new
> compressed file was only 1.7mb so there must be something missing.
> The FAQ on nero and some blogs do mention this is a known problem but
> I cannot quite solve the problem.
> Any help much appreciated.
> Jim McCardle

Read this page for klews, mate...

Looks like a problem with Aheads install proggy itself.



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