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charlotte1 03-13-2009 11:38 AM

mp3 playback in IE but not firefox or chrome
I am trying to put an mp3 of my daughter singing onto her music blog site.

The file is converted from video to mp3 (by me)

On playback in IE its fine, but in chrome and mozilla/firefox it is all crunched and distorted. I have tried uploading a "proper" mp3 onto this site which playsback in all three browsers.

I have tried two different converters and still had the same problem and have several videos I want to convert to mp3 and put on her blog. Can anyone tell me why it plays back in ie but not the other two, and what i can do to resolve this.:oops: :eek:

It is of course not so that I can play it back in chrome and firefox, but so that everyone else can. I know that plenty of other bloggers are converting their files and uploading them with success on this site. Why not me??

Here is the link. Its at the top of the page, the only mp3 called you know I'm no good.

Sorry I wanted to put the link in but this site won't let me as I'm a newby

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