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VanguardLH 03-12-2009 05:10 PM

Re: unreadable text in ms office
mike wrote:

> ive recieved recently some e-mails ive saved to ms office but they appear to
> be unreadable with peculiar font although its in a code,any ideas anyone

How did you save anything to a suite of *programs*? Did you perhaps
mean that you created some document files using MS Office? If so, WHAT
version of MS Office might that be? Please be more vague in your posts
because details just get in the way of providing useful replies. ;-p

Did you perhaps save your document files in .docx format using Word 2007
(or another "x" format using one of the other components of Office
2007)? And are you now trying to read those documents using a prior
version of an Office component (that doesn't have support for the "x"

docx is yet another new Microsoft properietary document format that
showed up in their Word 2007 that isn't even compatible with prior
versions of Word. Don't save in .docx format. Save in the older .doc
Microsoft proprietary format that everyone can understand (which
includes Microsoft products before Office 2007). You have the choice of
saving in doc or docx format for your own files. Alternatively, and
when receiving docx files, install Microsoft's "Office Compatibility
Pack for 2007 Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats". That
let YOU read .docx files (if you don't have Word 2007). You can't
guarantee that anyone else has that utility installed to read your .docx
files or that they even use Word to read a .docx file (since lots of
non-Microsoft products can read the older .doc format).

..docx is an XML-formatted document that is then compressed (using the algorithm) into a smaller file. That is probably why it appears as
a .zip file by any application that looks inside the file (to determine
filetype by *content*) rather than rely on its filetype (the filename's

Don't use a document format that you or your recipients cannot decipher.

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