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gordonah 09-23-2008 08:39 AM

RE: MCITP Enterprise Administrator

I've been an MCSE since NT4. I've put some of my experience below, as it
seems to relate to your question.

When I did the NT4 one (2000), I was working largely, but not exclusively,
with Novell Netware, so I had to study hard to pass the NT4 exams.

For MCSE:W2K (2001), I was working on a large W2K rollout and migration, so
I found this easier going.

For W2K3 (2004), I was in no hurry, and didn't take it till I'd been working
on it for a while. I found this straightforward.

In realation to your query, W2K3 certs should be easier and more applicable
to what you're doing now, W2K8 will be harder (because your learning more)
and good for a few more years.

Hope that helps a bit.


"Joshua Kassab" wrote:

> I have been in IT for about 8 years now. I am just starting to go for my
> Microsoft Certifications. Though I have no actual formal training, I am
> quite comfortable at administering a Win 2003 server.( I admit I don't know
> everything) I know in taking these exams, there will be plenty of new
> things I will learn. I know all the techinical backgrounds about hardware
> and networking concepts and all that jazz so I figure I have a solid base to
> take the certifications.
> I have no expirence whatsoever with Server 2008. So my question is this:
> Should I go for an MCSE or a MCITP? I want to have the most current certs
> so that I get the most for my money, but I also don't want to be completely
> lost with new features in W2k8. I know the basics of the features (Hyper V,
> Powershell, etc) but never have set them up. Am I getting in over my head
> by going for an MCITP?
> Thanks for the input everyone!

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