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Thrill5 02-25-2009 03:55 AM

Re: Logging Events and Debugs
Make sure the time/date and timezone are set correctly and enable logging.

service timestamps debug datetime msec localtime
service timestamps log datetime msec localtime
logging buffered 32768
clock timezone EST -5
clock summer-time EDT recurring

"Mark C" <markc@askfordomain.ok> wrote in message
>I have a remote site whose connetivity keeps bouncing. It has a Cisco ASA
>5505. When it goes down, I am unable to ping it or connect to it in any
>way from our central office.
> The ISP has run tests repeatedly and says the circuit is "clean." I have
> also checked the system uptime on the ASA and it does not seem to be a
> power issue.
> I opened a ticket with TAC, but made the mistake of phrasing it as a VPN
> tunnel bouncing problem. Now they are fixated on capturing VPN debugs,
> but I think it's probably more of a system-wide problem, perhaps hardware.
> Anyway, my question is as follows: TAC is telling me I need to capture
> the logs via a TERM MON session. But since it's a remote site, and since
> I cannot connect when the circuit goes down, there is no way for me to do
> this.
> Is there a way to capture logs to a buffer, or even a syslog server, so I
> can give TAC what they want and move on?
> I have actually set up a syslog server, but for some reason it seems to be
> capturing everything -- not just debugs. I can't figure out how to make
> it just send debugs to the syslog server.
> Thanks

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