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G. Morgan 02-09-2009 03:29 PM

Re: What is WTService?
Smirnoff wrote:

>A friend's computer shows error message after being idle for some time.
>Can't remember it word for word but it states something like:
>"Computer cannot be placed into standby mode because WTService is
>running. Please stop this service...".
>Did some searching but the only advice I could find was to disable it.
>Can't find exactly what it is or what it does. Could it be a virus?
>Went into Computer>Manage>Services and
>Applications>Services>WTService>Properties. There is no description of
>its function and when I click the Dependencies tab, it says it has none.
>Any ideas?

Do you have a Medion digital drawing tablet (from Aldi)?

I would just disable it and see what happens.

"Newspaper claims car thief transformed into a goat"

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