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sja 02-03-2009 07:53 PM

Linksys Srw2008p Reset
Dear All,

I was working with my linksys Srw2008p switch and i changed the management vlan IP address and somehow i cannot gain access through the web console. I tried using both new and old IP's.

Also I did not give username/password on my own. It was having the default username "admin" and a blank password. I tried to access the console with u/n ''admin'' and blank password, I cudnt get thru.

Now I need to reset the device to factory settings(without web access or console).

If anybody knows any solution please let me know. (This device doesnt have any hard reset button on it)

Thanks in Advance,
Also I appreciate if u could please give me the link to download the configuration guide for this device as I cudnt find any on the web.

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