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jaykay21089 05-24-2008 01:24 AM

Slow PC?
Hey all,

Iím sure I speak for all of you when I say doesnít it suck when you
get a new computer and itís running beautifully, but as time goes by,
it just gets slower and slower, even if you donít use heaps of

And when you do use heaps of applications, like say you are doing web
design and use Photoshop, the cobwebs that grow over your screen as
you watch it boot up are somewhat annoying huh?


There is a way to speed it up, however.

Or say youíre trying to stream heaps of videos online at the same
time, while chatting to 10 mates on MSN and downloading songs, and
then it freezes?...

You could seriously just toss the desktop/laptop out the window.

Iíve seen multiple (and Iím talking like 20 or more) browser windows
been opened after powerful things Ė that are included within all
computers Ė have been activated so that there is no laggage AT ALL!

And the photoshop? Loading time?

5 seconds.

Donít believe that, or the multiple browser window openings? See for

Johnson K.

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