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gman 11-06-2007 11:33 PM

Re: Digital Electronics Experiments ("Labs")
On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 06:00:57 -0400, Tom Conlon wrote:

> I teach (among other things), digital electronics at a local tech school.
> Currently I'm teaching the digital portion of our course.
> I'm dissatisfied with the labs provided with the text & the lab manual.
> I've designed several labs & I've modified several of the labs from the text
> & lab manual that we used previously.
> I'm looking for some labs that I can use in class. I've found some on line,
> but I'm looking for additional labs (I've found that it's a good idea to
> continually challenge my students).
> All ideas will be considered.
> Thanks,
> Tom

I think there are several electrical educational programs that come with
the linux system or freely available for it. If you are new to linux try
one of the many livecd(s) available, especially kubuntu and simply suse.
You may also consider joining forces with other teachers and producing an
open source document that will evolve over time and is freely available
across the educational system.

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