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Victek 10-22-2007 03:31 AM

Re: Repair/Installs using XP CD question
> All computers come with a way to restore the OS; either media or a hard
> drive partition (typically hidden). Granted, "media" might be a restore
> CD that destroys everything.
> Most OEM installations leave an "I386" folder on the hard drive
> somewhere (sometimes in the root, sometimes in \Windows, sometimes in
> \Windows\Options\Cabs, sometimes in yet other places. ***IF*** this is
> complete (sometimes it is, sometimes it is not), you can burn this to a
> CD and it can be used to reinstall Windows. If it's complete, there
> will be two setup files in it, Winnt.exe (the DOS setup program) and
> Winnt32.exe (the Windows setup program). If you know how, you can even
> make your own self booting media, otherwise you will have to boot from
> some other bootable CD to start Winnt.exe.
> Re: "If I have an OEM version of say XP Home SP2 from one company would
> it work with a different OEM's license key where the OS is also XP Home
> SP2?"
> Usually, but not always. You will probably have to do telephone
> activation even if it does otherwise work.

Very useful information - thank you!

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