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B-o-B 08-25-2007 08:04 PM

Re: scanning for smtp service
Drew wrote:
> Hi All:
> A previous technician where I work installed IIS on a lot of Windows
> XP workstations which was needed for an internal web application
> (hosted on each PC) at my workplace. However, the technician did not
> deselect the SMTP Service which is installed by default in IIS.
> I want to go back and remove the SMTP service component from these
> machines for security reasons.
> Is there a quick command or a freeware program I can use just to scan
> the local network for workstations that have the SMTP service
> installed and or running?
> When the SMTP server is installed as is the default, is it also
> automatically running too? Or would that have had to have been turned
> on also to create a security risk?
> Thanks!
> Drew

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