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Re: USB issue ... some USB 2 ports working only in USB 1 mode
On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 15:05:49 GMT, Barry Watzman
<> wrote:

>MSI PM8M-V motherboard with P4M800 & VT8237R chipset. The VT8237R
>supposedly has 8 USB 2.0 ports, the motherboard uses these as 4 on the
>back and 4 on two 8-pin headers on the motherboard.
>The operating system is Windows XP SP2. This is a new, clean install on
>a new motherboard. Chipset drivers are installed.
>Here's the problem: The 4 ports on the back I/O shield work fine as USB
>2 ports. The 4 ports on the motherboard header connectors (for
>connection to front USB sockets or internal devices) do work, but only
>as USB 1 ports. When I plug in a USB 2 device, I get the "This USB
>device can perform faster if you connect it to a High Speed USB 2.0 port".
>But supposedly all 8 ports ARE USB 2 ports, and the back 4 even work
>that way.
>I have tried removing all of the USB ports in device manager, rebooting
>and letting Windows redetect the ports. It made no difference. I have
>verified with multiple USB 2 devices and multiple cables that the rear
>ports work fine as USB 2 devices, the front ports do work, but only at
>USB 1.x speeds.
>The only USB device in the system is an internal flash memory card
>reader (that I want to connect to one of the headers). Keyboard and
>mouse are PS/2. I cannot find any BIOS settings or driver settings that
>look like they are relevant.
>Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

from previous experiences with via chipsets and usb
probably just need to reload via 4-1 drivers.also ran into same
problem on n4 m/b and had to load set of nv drivers for that
chipset from nvidia website for usb to go from 1.1 to 2.0..
hope this helps.

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