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MF 09-17-2005 09:03 PM

Re: Disk Boot Failure.............
Look in the root of the new drive. Make sure ntldr ntdetect and boot.ini
are present. If not, copy them off some other drive and put them there.
Then copy the text in boot.ini and paste it here.


"Spammy Sammy" <> wrote in message
> "Billy" <Noone@home.spamnet> wrote in message
> news:Z6PWe.886$
>> As already hinted at; when you installed XP with the old C: drive in
>> place, it wrote the Boot.ini, Ntldr and Ntdetect files to the Root drive
>> C:.
>> You could run the Recovery Console, Bootcfg /List, Bootcfg /Add, FixMbr,
>> and Fixboot.
>>If I installed XP on the new disk whilst the old was not resident in the

> all the files should be on C: on both disks. If so, I should be able to
> remove the old 80 and insert the new 160 and successfully boot. For that
> matter I ahould be able to insert both disks and whichever is plugged into
> the black connector on the ribbon cable should be the master and should
> end
> up as Disk 0, and be the disk that the system looks at first and boots
> from.

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