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Glenn 08-25-2005 01:15 AM

Re: Problem with USB 2.0 devices in USB 1.1 system
Could it be that there is a difference between USB 1.0 and 2.0??

Dave Hardenbrook wrote:
> I'm working on a PC with only USB 1.1 support. There's a scanner and an
> external hard drive connected to the USB ports and work fine, but
> whenever I reboot the system while one or both of these devices are
> connected, the system hangs during the POST with a "keyboard" error, as
> though it was mistaking the USB device for a (defective) USB keyboard.
> (The system's actual keyboard is PS/2.) Stranger still, if I warm
> reboot again, even after removing the all USB devices, the "keyboard"
> error persists and will not recognize the real, PS/2 keyboard -- I have
> to shut the power down entirely, wait a few minutes, and power on again
> with no USB devices attached to free up the system. And then when the
> USB devices are in use, they have to unplugged from the PC before
> attempting a warm reboot in Windows.
> Is this problem something that could be solved with a BIOS upgrade or,
> less drastically, tweaking something in CMOS Setup? If I were to
> install a USB 2.0 card, would this allow the system to be rebooted
> normally, as well as making the devices work so much faster?
> Here is the potentially relevant system specs:
> Mobo: Epox EP-8KTA3L+
> Chipset: VIA KT133A
> BIOS: Award 6.0 PG, revision date: 02/08/2002
> CPU: AMD Duron 950Mhz
> RAM: 320MB
> Ext HD: IDE Western Digital 60MB in NexStar USB 2.0 enclosure
> Scanner: CanoScan 8400F (USB 2.0)
> OS: Windows XP Home SP2
> Thanks ahead,
> Dave

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