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wassa 07-04-2005 03:10 AM

Re: Motherboard brand question/laptop questions
don't know anything about this particular machine, but in general agree with
barry. unless you know for sure that this model's mboard is easily and
cheaply replaceable, forget about it.

"jack belue" <> wrote in message
> Hi all
> I am thinking about buying a Sony VIAO with a Centrino processor. 1.4
> GHz with an 80 GB hard-drive. The owner says it is almost new but has a
> bad motherboard. I am thinking, for what little the owner is asking I
> could replace the motherboard and have a great, up-to-date laptop. My
> question for the group is, what brand motherboards does Sony use, what is
> the price range for the laptop motherboards, and about how much would a
> shop charge me to fix this machine? Is their a web site I could visit to
> get answers. The owner is asking $300 for the machine. I am A+ certified
> and have built desktop computers but have never tore into a laptop. Thanks
> for any help people. E-Mail:

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