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Rudy Lopez 10-05-2004 02:25 AM

Re: Mike Meyers 5th edition: How long will it be current?
On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 12:55:30 -0700, "Nathan Smutz" <>

>I'm looking at ordering the Mike Meyers book for my students.
>My question is: Will these books be current next year?
>There was a reference here about 2004 requirements.
>I don't know if we can afford that kind of investment for only one year.
>Best wishes,

I may be the person who asked about whether there were 2004

I visited a site loaded with sample tests that mentioned "we are up to
date with the 2004 requrements". I could find no reference to that at
the CompTIA site. There's probably nobody over at CompTIA that is
going to answer a question like yours (ok, I never tried so I don't
know if they will answer).

Very possibly they were implying that their question pool reflected
the latest questions that were appearing in the actual exams. I got
the impression it was a BrainDump site so I didn't dig much further.

When *I* am studying for a test, I place Transcender materials at the
center of my learning process. I like their Transtrainers (just like a
2 day class at an ATEC) and their Transcender test simulations (really
close to the real test).

Based upon the fact that their current test simulator only cites one
reference: "A+ Training Guide" 5th ed by Charles Brooks, that is the
book I am using right now. Previous editions of their tests cited the
Michael Meyers books.

Transcender has gone through some changes in ownership and is now
owned by Kaplan (of SAT training fame) but my opinion of their quality
was formed by earlier MCSE materials. There newer stuff has given me
no reason to change my mind. I think they are still the best, so when
they mention a refererence I check it out.

Your students will love you if you arrange some kind of group pricing
bundle getting them Transcenders to work with at home.

I wouldn't worry that much about any book you buy becoming obsolete.
The test only changes incrementally each time it is revised.

I would worry more about getting the best book as far as teaching
style goes. A lot of these A+ books are simply too long. Do we really
need 1200 pages to cover an entry level computer tech certification?

I would add "A+ Depth" and "A+ Fast Pass" to the reading list. They
are shorter.

That's my two cents. I'm going to read what others have to say.

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