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chris 05-17-2004 07:07 PM

Re: isp advice..should i switch to adelphia from sprint dsl
Simplified connection


PC ---------->Dedicated -------------> DSL main switch --> all lines come in
to here ------ (( Internet ))
When main switch is full, no more connections


PC ----Dedicated---> Cable Node --------> Router -----> (( Internet ))
When node is full, split node and add new routers.

Not much difference

DSL is not a dedicated internet connection in the sence they are marketing
it to you. DSL bottlenecks at the central station where it is shared. Cable
shares a little bit closer to your house.

"Drew" <> wrote in message
> Hi All:
> I know this is off topic but who better than the best PC technicians
> to ask!
> I've currently got a 1.5 speed DSL connection thru Sprint. The bill
> is steep at 59.99 a month. However, my download speed is always rock
> steady at between 1.4 and 1.5 and there are no latency issues or
> dependability issues of any kind. Works superbly with online games.
> Adelphia has a special running thru tomorrow night where one can get
> their cable Internet service for a year at the rate of 26.95 a month.
> After that, it goes up to 42.95 a month. A couple of weeks ago, I
> went and set the Adelphia service up for a friend that got it. His
> download speeds have been around 2.2 to 2.4 megs since he got it and
> hasn't had any dependability issues. He has only had it a couple of
> weeks so that's not a long testing period I guess. He doesn't do any
> online gaming so I'm not sure on latency.
> So, my question is should I stick with a known and constant performer
> with the Sprint DSL or should I be risky and try to save with
> Adelphia?
> I actually called Sprint and politely explained the above to a
> customer service rep. She was polite but after I explained the above,
> she just read some statement off of a guide about cable being a shared
> bandwidth technology and for that reason Sprint would not negotiate to
> keep customers that were contemplating a switch.
> I realize that if a lot of people switch to cable Internet or go on it
> in my neighborhood, that it will affect my speed.
> Adelphia also is putting the pressure on. The offer is only good thru
> Sunday at midnight.
> I would love to hear you guys' thoughts on cable versus DSL or any
> experiences with Adelphia or just general advice with this.
> I hate to keep paying a higher bill if Adelphia would be just as good.
> I did the math and found that in the first year I'd save almost 400
> bucks and then 200 bucks every year after that with Adelphia service.
> But I'd also hate to have something that had poor service or other
> problems.
> Any advice??
> Thanks!
> Drew

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