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J. Q. Etuo, MSCE 2003, A+ 2003 04-24-2004 06:43 PM

More A+ study guides
Like others have said, have at least two sources of
text book/practice tests.
Everyone seems to have some bias that makes one
area very clear and another less so.
Two other good sources besides those already
mentioned are "ExamCram" and "A+For Dummies."
Both are available at any large bookstore.
Both cover material for the
current exams.
[Note: for U.S. English exams, the current versions are
"220-301: A+ 2003 Linear Core Hardware Exam"
"220-302: A+ 2003 Linear OS Technologies Exam"]
Both books are thorough (ExamCram a bit more so),
easy to follow (For Dummies a bit more so),
include many examples, practice questions
(ExamCram has both chapter summary questions and practice tests)
, and include CD's.
Good luck.

"Rob" <> wrote in message
> Howdy yall, I am getting ready to take the A+. Does anyone have any ideas
> about study guides. I appreciate it.
> Thanks Rob

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