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Barry Watzman 10-14-2003 07:44 PM

Re: keyboard question
I still use and love the "buckling spring" keyboards invented by IBM.
They are still made (new). IBM sold the division to Lexmark, which spun
it off into a separate company, Unicomp, their web site is at

John wrote:
> That's funny because I used to have an IBM PS/2 keyboard and absolutely
> loved the way the thing felt as I typed. Of course it made a ton of
> noise and some women who worked around me hated it. Never mind that I
> had to listen to them click away on their standard-issue Dell keyboards
> and do other things I found annoying.
> Some of the newer keyboards are very quiet. Experiment with a couple of
> them and see which one is the quietest. I'd get these keyboards from
> spares, though. I don't think it's worth spending money to solve this,
> but that's just my opinion.
> J.
> Drew wrote:
>> I've been asked to find the quietest keyboard possible for a user.
>> Apparently, this user is a very fast/loud typer and the noise is
>> disturbing a next door cubemate.
>> Are there any keyboards that are especially quiet or silent?
>> Thanks
>> Drew


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