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Barry Watzman 06-26-2003 09:01 PM

Re: Files in XP &/or 9x
Generally, yes.

Please note, your statement "Obviously XP is NTFS" is not necessarily
correct. On my systems (six of them, 4 desktops, two laptops), I have
XP installed on FAT32 partitions. XP supports both Fat32 and NTFS,
although on most new machines it will come the factory as NTFS (however,
this can be changed, and reinstalling the OS is not necessary to change it).

But none of this matters when you send files over a network. The file
is just a string of bytes, and once on the network, the partition format
of the machine from which it came is irrelevant. In fact, a network can
have systems with not only Microsoft NTFS and FAT based computers on it,
it can also have Linux, Apple Mac's, Sun Servers and all variety of
non-Microsoft OS' on it, all exchanging files.

The real answer to your question relates not to the OS or to the
partition format, but to the applications software. You can definitely
move the files around between systems. The question is can the
application software that you use on both ends both deal with the same
file formats. As far as Office is concerned, in general they can
(noting that in some cases, files created by later versions cannot be
opened by earlier versions). But beyond that, you will have to answer
the applications software compatability issues for yourself. However,
it has NOTHING to do with the FAT vs. NTFS issue, or, for that matter,
the 98 vs. 2000 vs. XP issue.

TMConlon wrote:
> A question for the assembled multitude.
> I'm considering purchasing a new laptop. The new laptop will be XP. The
> desktops at home are 98. I also use Office 2000 Pro. I also have a copy of
> Word Perfect 8 that I use for some other things.
> Obviously XP is NTFS and 98 is FAT 32.
> My question is: Under 98, can I open Office (Word, Excel, etc.) files that I
> created under XP and vice versa?
> If I'm not mistaken, I can open , create, etc files under 2000 and transfer,
> etc. them back & forth to 98 ( the box that has 2000 is formatted NTFS).
> Any assistance is appreciated.
> Thanks

RussS 06-26-2003 11:08 PM

Re: Files in XP &/or 9x
True enough - I have a bunch of laptops that I am installing XP pro for a
friends company - they all were delivered with XP home and loaded FAT32.

MCP W2K Pro & Server, A+, Net+

Fuzzball123 06-30-2003 08:13 PM

Files in XP &/or 9x
Why would anyone want to do FAT32 when you could have the power and
stability of NTFS for your laptops? Seems a bit of a waste of money to me,
like getting Win98 with a prettier interface.

Not criticizing here, just wondering.

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