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techophile 06-23-2003 10:47 PM

Re: A+!! Thanks M. Myers
Congradulations. What do you plan on doing now?

I'm using 4th edition. Just read it once with some note taking. I'm going
to read over it one more time concentrating on "problem areas". I pretty
much know how to build and repair PCs as I have been doing it for awhile,
but I'm actually learning the "why" behind the process. I hope I have
similar results as you. I'm scoring in the high 80 percents at ( i wish they had an adaptive test for free)and in the
800s on Mike's adaptive testing.

techophile 06-24-2003 07:43 PM

Re: A+!! Thanks M. Myers
I bought my 4th ed. on Ebay for 30 dollars total(price + s/h). Don't just
use the title search, but the optional title and description search. Thats
how I found mine cheaper.'s used book sellers sometimes have
some good prices. I would be careful there though. Always email the seller
and clarify what edition they are selling you. With all that being said. I
have seen others here saying they passed with the 3rd edition.

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