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Yummy 06-23-2003 01:58 AM

DVD Burning for Backups Long Post
I'm kinda "old school" when it comes to backing up data, I prefer tape
drives for servers and cd-r/rw for desktops. I have a client who needs
data backed up daily, about 3.5 gigs worth. CD's just won't cut it.
For the first time I'm trying DVD-RW burning, and I'm having issues.

I bought a Pioneer DVR-105, which uses DVD-R and DVD-RW media. I
bought Memorex version 1.1 media, which is supposed to be compatable
for that drive. I know that rewrite speeds are only 1X, but this is
WAY to slow. It's taking over 9 hrs to write to the disk, plus
verification time. I have checked Pioneer's Ausie website (which has
better support than the US site). I have made sure that the drive is
set to Primary Master with no other devices attached, and disabled DMA
mode and set it to PIO mode. I don't think there is anything physical
wrong with the drive, it burns CD's with no problems.

There is a firmware upgrade available for that drive, but its for
version 2.0 media. If I upgrade the firmaware, I can no longer use the

I have tried different backup utilities, including Retrospect (which
doesn't support the drive), Genie (which I'm trying now), NTI Backup
Now! (easy to use, but error prone). I wanted to use Backup My PC
(Veritas Backup Exec), but I have read reviews from that
it will trash a XP SP1 system. This is a Pioneer OEM drive, it only
came with Nero Express and InCD, which works with no problems. I would
use Nero for backups, but there isn't a way to generate backup
scripts, do compression, or unattended backups. My client isn't savy
enough to be able to manually execute backups daily.

My client doesn't want to use tapes.

BTW, using XP Home, 256 RAM, Celery 1.4 ghz, 40 gb HD on a 4 node PtP

I should have researched this better before I jumped into it, I
figured it would be just as simple as CD burning.

Any help and ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in adv.


"There is something afoot down at the Circle K."

RussS 06-23-2003 07:41 AM

Re: DVD Burning for Backups Long Post
I haven't been able to satisfactorily sort that one either. What I have
done is set my client up with a removeable drive bay and I sourced a few 10G
drives from an auction. I just have them back up rotating those - works a
treat for their requirements.

MCP W2K Pro & Server, A+, Net+

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