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soalib 01-11-2009 02:35 PM

Synchronize heterogeneous databases using SOASYNC
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Soalib Incorporated
by Staff

Soalib, Inc has released SOASYNC version 1.0.1, the most powerful Internet based heterogeneous database synchronization software. SOASYNC can synchronize databases bi-directionally regardless of the database vendor, database design, tables and columns. It is possible because SOASYNC views all database in the same way through metadata. That means, you can sync Oracle tables with your Text File database bi-directionally. The two database structure may be different and the two may have different sets of tables, columns and data types. What makes SOASYNC powerful is that it uses a user defined mapper, with which you create a heterogeneous relationship. At synchronization time, this mapping is used to synchronize bi-directionally. All transformations are provided for you at runtime.

Unionizing database. In a multi-database environment, when databases are from multiple vendors, SOASYNC may be used to periodically synchronize bi-directionally all databases so that each have up to date data of all others.

SOASYNC's rule based parsers allow it to parse any text or binary files bi-directionally without you doing any manual work. One of the number one choice in data migration, SOASYNC comes with an easy to use GUI.

SOASYNC also have many other features, some of which includes online backup, secure tunneling, and many more. SOASYNC features may be extended by programming.

SOASYNC is available for free evaluation and upgrade from For questions and comments, please contact Soalib.

Soalib Incorporated
Tel. +1-508-460-1116

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