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Robert 08-08-2003 04:01 PM

What's the best book for 70-210?
Howdy, some of the better exam material that I am using
are the Exam Cram series. There is an Exam Prep book that
has alot more material than the Cram and is a good book.
Another is the MCSA prep book by Osborne press All-In-One
exam guide. THis is also pretty good and covers all of
the core exams. this is also assuming that you are going
to use the Comtia path to bypass the elective exam.

>-----Original Message-----
>Hi all,
>I've been lurking here for a while and I think the group

is great! I
>especially like the fact that everyone is against

braindumps! Not having
>time to study is a load of crap! I am working full time,

going to graduate
>school part time(MBA and MIS dual program), studying for

certs and my wife
>and I just had a new baby! If I can find time, anyone

can. I have gotten
>my A+, and I am taking my Network+ tomorrow. I want to

get started on
>70-210 this weekend. What are some of the better

materials out there for
>preparing for this test? (Names of publishers, or titles

would be a great
>My background is as follows: I am a sys admin for a small

(10 employees)
>network that runs all win2k pc's with two win2k servers.

So far I have
>"bootstrapped" my way through everything (if it breaks I

figure out how to
>fix it from newsgroups, the net, knowledgebase's,

commonsense, etc.). I
>haven't had any formal training in computing other than

my graduate work,
>which is mostly high level and management stuff, and for

my self study for
>my certifications. I am doing the certifications because

if and when I get
>into management I don't want to be a PHB. I want to

actually know what I am
>talking about (I want some street cred!) Plus I

absolutely love everything
>about computers! I wish I had realized this in

undergrad! Any help is
>appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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