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Maestro 08-01-2003 02:35 PM

Finally MCSA

What you meant to say is that 215 is not easy for you.
Those of us that said it was easy meant it.

>-----Original Message-----
>Well done mate. Your have workd hard. I have passed all
>the exmas except the 70-215. I am sitting this for my
>thrid time tommororow so keep your fingers crossed for
>me. This is my last exam until i am MSCA...
>Despite what people say this is not an easy exam......
>>-----Original Message-----
>>I passed the 70-215 today. I am so glad I got them all

>done. Thank you all
>>for your words of encouragement and helpful tips. It

>just comes down to
>>actually knowing the material. There is no short cuts

>to passing Microsoft
>>tests. My test was very tricky and I agree with you all

>when you say they
>>are trying to trick us not test us. But, as long as you

>know the stuff you
>>will pass.
>>Thanks Again


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