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Mark Griffiths 07-01-2003 12:33 PM

Re: RIP -- 70-216: The beast was slayed 06/27/03
To those newbies, those in the support arena trying to get
into systems (using the MCSA and a advancement aid), and
those who work in other 'houses' i.e. Novell and Notes, it
is a toughie. The questions are long, mixing several
difficult concepts into the same question.
I passed after one hell of a lot of effort with my home
system of two servers (two hours per night plus some
weekend hours over seven months). To be confident you
already need to be a full-on (MS) network administrator in
a medium to large diverse environment.
I passed the exam to get myself into the MS network many people...but it does help if you are
already there. :-<

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