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Raja 07-14-2005 05:57 AM

RE: Why do we bother?
Contact MS to report this guy. Maybe, MS would do something if they're still
interested in maintaining the validity of certifications.

Did the manager hire this guy based on the MCSD credential without any tech
interview ?

Check out for exam books !

"Cinderella" wrote:

> I recently passed the 70 - 320 exam to becom MCAD, got 920 so was really
> pleased. Studied for about 2 months and used transcender.
> A couple of days after I started a new junior developer started at my
> company. On his first day he told me that he to had passed 70 - 320 but never
> studied or read a book - he just downloaded the answers and memorized them.
> It turns out he actually an MCSD.NET. Unfortunately he doesn't know anything
> and can't even write basic C#. Just to add insult to injury he started
> offering other team members the answers to upcoming exams!
> I know that he is not a "real" MCSD but it still annoys me that this guy has
> a better CV than me and it makes me feel that he exams are devalued.

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