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John Bailey 01-08-2009 04:37 PM

Kodak Easyshare - manual order probs
I have a couple of queries concerning the use of Kodak Easyshare. I have recently encountered these 2 problems after downloading 2500 images from a world trip. I catalogued the images into albums, then manually arranged the photos in the albums into a sequence which would allow me to give a verbal presentation, accompanied by the respective images at a later date.

1. After 'selecting all' in a particular album, then 'sort by manual order', I have exited the programme believing that the images would be permanently fixed in the order that I had placed them. Upon re-entering the programme, and opening the album, I have found that the order has reverted to the chronological order in which the photographs were taken. Sometimes the chronological order has also been reversed. This has necessitated going through the process of selecting manual order again via the 'sort' tag on the toolbar. How can I ensure that the manually selected order is made permanent in the respective albums?

2. After 'selecting all', then 'sort by manual order' (as above), I have moved the images by 'adding to the picture tray'. The images have moved to the picture tray, and appear in the manual order selected (now vertically presented in the picture tray). I have then burnt the images to CD / DVD. Upon displaying the images so burnt to the disc, I have found that they have defaulted to the chronological order in which they were taken - and this is verified by the numbering underneath each image. How can I ensure that the images can be burnt to CD in the manual order which I have chosen?
Hope someone can advise me. The Easyshare help programme gives me no obvious pointers.
John B

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