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04-01-2004 08:00 PM

Getting a job is so difficult????
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>what city are you looking for a job?
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>>Hey all,
>>Now I am in a frustrated mood. The reason, read on :
>>Me and my Friend, who have no working experience here in
>>US, have joined in a college and got our MCAD.
>>We started searching for jobs, entry-level, ofcourse.
>>After doing a mega search, I found out that even entry-
>>level positions ask for atleast 1 year experience

>in .NET.
>>Frustrated, my friend took the advice of another friend
>>and prepared a fake resume showing up 3.5 years of
>>experience in .NET and surprisignly, got a job!!!!!!!!!!
>>I would never like do that, coz I do not want to psoe
>>myself as a fake experienced person and land up in
>>troubles. When I say this, my friend says, it works like
>>this in US and everyone does that. I am dead against to
>>that. I would be happy to join a low-paid job and work
>>with pride rather than faking.
>>The same company which rejected me for not having
>>experience, gave my friend, who is in the same boat as
>>myself, a job!!! Isn't this ridiculous?????
>>I am surprised.


Eric 04-02-2004 03:35 PM

Re: Getting a job is so difficult????
<> wrote:

> Chicago....

I like Chicago, and the Midwest in general, but I have to say the
payscale tends to be lower there than in other parts of the country.

I applied for a senior position at John Deere once (kind of close to
Chicago), and I was appauled at their low pay scale. I did some
checking after that and I found that offer they made me wasn't abnormal
for that area.

I ended up moving to Atlanta. The advantage here is that we have a low
cost of living, and the pay is higher. The pay here isn't super high
like it is in california or the NorthEast, but your costs are much
lower, so your overall spending power is very good.

If I didn't pick Atlanta, I'd consider the big cities in Texas. They
have a similarly good cost vs. pay ratio.

But I wouldn't say other areas in the South are so favorable. You have
to compare the pay with the cost of living to see how well it comes out.

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