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03-01-2004 03:33 PM

question from mike's book on 70-305
can anyone of u tell me what this command prompt command

I'm creating "a code behind with precompilation " file
Using ASP.NET and qunderloy's 70-305 exam
book,page 68)

vbc /t:library /r:c:\windows\\framework\v1.0.3
\system.dll /r:c:\windows\\out:bin\305c01.dll

I think I'm giving a link to the class TemperatureCB.vb.
It is giving me the error that \t:library is not found..

my second question is I believe that the ASP.NET pages are
to be stored in Inetpub/wwwroot .. But instead they are
getting stored in c:\ itself.. when I try to move the
folder to wwwroot,it is giving me an error

What do i do to correct the mistakes

Any response is highly appreciated

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