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taylordiving 12-27-2008 03:05 PM

Network Trouble
I've made a big muck up of things and need some assistance bailing out. Irecently got a 4 port router with a fast internet connection. Like an idiot, in attempting to network my computers through the router I went and established a brand new network group on Windows XP. Subsequently I learned that all I had to do in the first place was to enable folder sharing in each of the drives that I wanted to be able to access. The problem is that now my internet connection, instead of being separate and "whole" to each computer is now shared by all of them which has of course cut the speed by the number of computers connected at one time. Obviously what I need to do (besides getting a clue) is to delete this netweork I've created so I can get my original connection speed back. Can anyone out there help me with this???

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