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andrewzzz 12-12-2008 05:41 PM

Axis1 Serialization/Deserialization Issue
I'm developing for my thesis a java project implemented ad the top of
Axis1. I should implement an addition handler for Axis1 (and wss4j).
I've almost done all the work..but I have a big problem that I cannot
have to implement serialization/deserialization methods to a class
(called SoapPair) using Axis serialization/deserialization.
The class SoapPair ,as the name indicates, contains a Soap message
divided into header+body . At the constructor receives a
MessageContext obect from Axis.


public class SoapPair{

public SoapPair(MessageContext mc) {}

public Message getLeft(){
return leftmsg

public Message getRight(){
return rightmsg;

protected void _serialize(final OutputStream out) throws
PostException {

public Message deSerialize(final InputStream in) throws
PostException {

protected void _encodePayload(OutputStream out) throws
PostException {

public Message decodePayload(InputStream in) throws PostException

I have to implement those methods but I don't know how..
I have to call them from a test class that simulates Axis engine
(passing to soappair a MessageContext obj).

Thanks in Advance

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