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chuckcar 12-10-2008 11:25 PM

Re: slow slow slow!
"eugene" <> wrote in

> Can anybody help. Lately my PC has slowed sown something awful. It's a
> Dell Vostro 200 using Vista and just over a year old. The biggest
> nuisance is when I load photos into PS. In my previous system, I could
> drag 400 images from a folder and they would open in a couple of
> minutes. Now it takes forever. Manipulating images is driving me nuts! I
> edited 60 photos on Sunday past and a job that would have once taken
> 15-20 minutes took me two hours! I have been told that Vista is
> diabolical and that I should get XP installed on this PC. A bit of
> advice was to increase my RAM as it was only 1gb and I have done that
> today so there's now 3gb in it but it doesn't seem to have helped. I
> constantly get "program not responding" messages when I open my mail or
> other programs although they do eventually open. I have also defragged
> the PC and removed a lot of image folders so I was hoping I would be
> flying today but for the past 10 mins PS displays "not responding" as
> photos are being loaded. Basically, I mostly use my PC for photo imagery
> but this is ridiculous. I was going to buy a new PC last week but I
> wasn't allowed as this one is relatively new. Any suggestions
> anybody.....................please?

Try this. The most common cause BTW.

start->run msconfig <enter>

Disable the startup group items. Click apply and restart. When windows
comes back it will probably tell you what you just did and if you want to
undo it. You *don't* so say *no*. See what kind of performance you then

(setq (chuck nil) car(chuck) )

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